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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Refuses to Shake the Hand of Dad Who Lost Daughter In Parkland Shooting

Image by Andrew Harkin for AP

See the man with his hand outstretched? That's Fred Guttenberg. His 14-year-old daughter, Jamie, was killed in the Parkland, Florida school massacre. See the man looking at Mr. Guttenberg with utter contempt? That's Brett Kavanugh, Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. 

Mr. Guttenberg wanted to shake Brett Kavanaugh's hand, and speak with him for a few moments. As soon as Mr. Guttenberg introduced himself, Kavanaugh looked at him with an expression that can only be described as loathing, and darted away. Brett Kavanaugh never shook Fred Guttenberg's hand. He ran away.

No matter your political views, no matter your views on guns, when a grieving father whose daughter was a victim of gun violence extends his hand to you, you take it. Unless, it would seem, you are Brett Kavanaugh. 

Right now, today, the Republican-held Senate is doing everything they can to rush Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. They love his stance on guns (Kavanaugh is opposed to gun regulation), they love his views on abortion (Kavanaugh dissented on a recent case involving a pregnant undocumented teenager), and Trump is giddy that Kavanaugh does not believe a sitting president can or should be indicted (it's important to note Kavanaugh expressed this belief, but has never said his view is supported by the Constitution). 

In a way, it makes sense that Brett Kavanaugh would treat Fred Guttenberg with such disrespect. After all, he was chosen by the narcissistic sociopath in the White House.

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